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Articles related to yarns

Knitting Yarn - Types of Yarn - About.com
Visiting the yarn store can be an intimidating experience. There are so many choices. What's the best fiber for your project, and how can you care for your yarn  ...
Crochet Yarn Articles, Tips & Reviews - About.com
It's no secret that crocheters and knitters evaluate yarn differently, yet knitters' yarn reviews and yarn articles dominate the Internet. Here's your chance to learn  ...
Eco-Friendly Yarns - Knitting - About.com
If you want to knit with an eye toward less environmental impact, there's a wide world of eco-friendly yarns out there for you to choose from. All the different ...
All About Yarn Weights for Knitting - About.com
Different yarns are said to have different weights, or thicknesses, and different weights of yarns are used for different types of projects. Learn what the different ...
Product Reviews and Information About Eyelash Yarns - Crochet
"Furry" or "hairy" yarn is often referred to as "eyelash yarn." When you crochet or knit with this type of yarn, the finished result can resemble faux fur. Use this type ...
Types of Yarn: Yarn Manufacturers - Knitting - About.com
This list of yarn manufacturers will introduce you to the wide world of knitting yarn and help you find specialty yarns that might not be available at your local store.
Wool Yarn Reviews - Reviews of Wool Knitting Yarn - About.com
Many knitters are big fans of wool, and there are tons of different wool yarns on the market. Here is a collection of wool yarn reviews to help you navigate the ...
Knitting Basics: Yarn Weight and Type Video
Knitting yarn comes in all different weights and materials, all great for different projects. This video will provide you with a quick guide to the different types and ...
How to Substitute Yarns in Knitting - About.com
A necessary part of becoming a proficient knitter is learning how to substitute yarns. Changing the yarn in a pattern for a different yarn can be necessary for a ...
Yarns We Hate -- Worst Crochet Yarns - About.com
Are there any yarns that you just hate to crochet with? Maybe the yarn is difficult to work with. Maybe it splits easily, or pills, or has too many flaws. Maybe it's just ...
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