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Articles related to yarn companies

Types of Yarn: Yarn Manufacturers - Knitting - About.com
This list of yarn manufacturers will introduce you to the wide world of knitting yarn and help you find specialty yarns that might not be available at your local store.
Arts and Crafts Resources: Finding Suppliers of Yarn
Thinking about opening a yarn shop or are involved in fashion or textile arts or crafts? Find out how to find wholesale suppliers of yarn, textiles and related ...
What is Organic Yarn - What Makes a Yarn Organic
Question: What Makes Yarn Organic? It seems everywhere you look these days there are yarn companies offering organic yarn. From organic cotton to organic ...
Eco-Friendly Yarns - Knitting - About.com
One thing you'll want to consider when looking at organic and eco-friendlier yarns is if and how the yarn was dyed. Many greener yarn manufacturers ( organic or ...
Global Organic Textile Standard - Knitting - About.com
Some yarn companies say they are certified by GOTS, while others may comply with all the standards but not be formally certified (just as there are farmers who ...
How to Find Discontinued Yarn - Knitting - About.com
To start with, Discontinued Name Brand Yarn is a great resource, particularly for yarn brands that have recently been discontinued. This online store buys stock ...
What is Organic Cotton Yarn? - Knitting - About.com
Many companies are selling organic cotton yarn, from Blue Sky Alpacas to Lion Brand. If your favorite brand of cotton doesn't come in organic yet, odds are it will  ...
North Carolina Yarn Stores - Yarn Shops in North Carolina - Knitting
This Brevard yarn shop offers handspun/hand-dyed yarns from local artisans along with well-recognized yarn companies. They also offer spinning, weaving and ...
All About Yarn Weights for Knitting - About.com
Most yarn manufacturers make it easy for you to determine the weight of a particular yarn. Many of the mass-produced yarns use the yarn standards ranking  ...
Plymouth Galway - Review of Plymouth Galway Yarn - Knitting
Manufacturer's Site. Plymouth Galway may not be as well-known as some of the other basic wool yarns put out by the big yarn companies, but it's a yarn that ...
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