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Articles related to web frameworks

CSS Frameworks - CSS Structures for Building Web Projects
A CSS framework is a pre-built structure of CSS styles and properties that you can use to generate specific looks on your Web pages. CSS frameworks make it  ...
What is Sinatra? - Ruby - About.com
what Sinatra isn't. After all, the shortcomings of the other web frameworks out there is what prompted Blake Mizerany to create Sinatra in the first place. So here  ...
Definition: CSS Framework - Web Design/HTML - About.com
What does the term CSS framework mean and how is it used on websites.
Top 10 Web Development Tools - Delphi - About.com
Witango can provide your Web Application with a solid application framework, a simple interface for both the production and ongoing maintenance of complex ...
Web Development - Python - About.com
... data in Python as well as developing web applications. In addition to modules like cgi and cgitb, web application frameworks and platforms are also discussed.
What is Resource Description Framework (RDF) - Web Design/HTML
Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a standard for describing web resources. Right now you are probably shaking your head and saying “What is a web ...
Using Frameworks Like Bootstrap or ZURB Foundation With Drupal ...
Welcome to the world of front-end frameworks! A front-end framework is a bunch of CSS and Javascript code that lets you work web magic with CSS classes.
Rails vs Django - New Tech - About.com
Rails and Django are two popular web frameworks, each with positives and negatives. Which tool is best for your web application project?
Programming Perl CGI Scripts & Web Software - About Perl
Learn everything about creating web sites in Perl, from simple CGI scripts to Web Frameworks.
Genesis vs Pagelines: WordPress Framework Comparison
Considering Genesis or Pagelines WordPress framework, but not sure which one to ... Comparing the Top 2 WordPress Frameworks for Building Your Website.
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