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The Tomcat Web and Application Server - Linux - About.com
Introduction to the Web and Application Server Tomcat.
What Is an Application Server in Computer Networking?
Developing client/server software applications using Web browsers and servers can be tedious. An application server provides higher level software ...
Web Servers for Linux - About.com
StWeb (the Stratos Web Application Server) is an Apache based HTTP server integrated with Stratos application server. It provides a way to integrate browser,  ...
What is Rack? - Ruby - About.com
Rack is a kind of middleware. It sits between your web application and the web server. It handles all of the server-specific API calls, passes on the HTTP request  ...
The Mysteries of Client Server Network Technology Explained
The term client-server refers to any network design utilizing networked client and server computers and application software. Web, FTP, email, DNS and many ...
Server Side Web Scripting With Delphi - About.com
A look at server-side scripting solutions based on Delphi language. ... NET web sample application that comes as a demo project with the Delphi 8 installation.
ASP - Application Service Provider - Networking - About.com
An Application Service Provider (ASP) is an business that offers software services to ... Using a client/server model (often Web-based), network software can be ...
Web Enabling A Desktop Delphi Application: What To Do - About.com
Jul 20, 2010 ... To be honest, I didn't manage to get a web application so wrong that it ... First was kind of client wrote in php and it is start on web server.
Web Hosting With OS X Mountain Lion - Mac - About.com
The Web Sharing feature uses the Apache web server application to allow you to run your own web server on your Mac. Many individuals use this capability to ...
Building Web Applications with Ajax - Web Design - About.com
You click a link and the hourglass appears as the Web application consults the server and the server thinks about what it's going to send back to you.
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