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Articles related to vibrational frequency

How to Channel the Angels - About Holistic Healing
It is important to raise your vibration when attempting to become a channel. ... How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency. Channeling the Angels. By Eileen Smith ...
Crystal Therapy - Choosing the Right Crystal for Your Purpose
Even during the course of a day, your own vibrational frequency will vary. As you feel happy, successful and fulfilled, your vibrational frequency is quite high.
Spiritual Chakra Meditations (Your Chakra Centres)
Your current aim as you begin chakra meditations is to learn how to slow the physical vibration or frequency deep within your body. Many people do not realise ...
Ghosts All Around Us - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Aug 26, 2007 ... However, when I do see them it is usually a brief encounter due to the vibrational frequencies involved. As a child they visited with me on a ...
Walk-Ins and Wanderers - Crystalinks
... Daniel and the Book of Revelation) but popularized by Edgar Cayce, and predictions of dire fates for those whose vibrational levels remain in lower frequency.
Physics: Resonance Experiment, peculiar phenomenon, cancer cells
Nov 8, 2004 ... But we don't use vibration to match resonant frequency and thus initiate destruction of cells due to the peculiar phenomenon known in physics ...
How to Connect with Your Angels - About Holistic Healing
When you tune a radio to a specific frequency, you will hear a specific radio ... Each Angel has a specific range of frequency, or vibrational quality, that you can  ...
First Music Lesson - Frequency, Octave, Semitone, Sound Names ...
Frequency, Octave, Semitone, Names of Sounds, Major Scale Next Lesson >> ... The frequency is measured in Hz. (1Hz = one vibration per second). Octave and ...
EMC2 Energy Balancing - The AIM Program - About Holistic Healing
When a new imbalance is discovered he creates a balancing frequency to neutralize or .... 5 Natural Vibrational Remedies · Energy-Based Healing Therapies ...
How to Raise Your Vibration Facebook Page - About Holistic Healing
How to Raise Your Vibration chosen among top five in Readers' Choice Awards ... Ways You Can Raise Your Spiritual Vibrational Frequency · Fine Tuning Your ...
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