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verbose - The Linux / Unix Definition - About.com
Define verbose - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.
Verbosity Definition and Examples in English
"Three good things happen when you combat verbosity: your readers read faster, your own clarity is enhanced, and your writing has greater impact. Both you ...
ftp - Linux Command - Unix Command
-v: Verbose option forces ftp to show all responses from the remote server, as well as report on data transfer statistics. -d: Enables debugging. The client host ...
cp - Linux Command - Unix Command
... --update: copy only when the SOURCE file is newer than the destination file or when the destination file is missing; -v, --verbose: explain what is being done ...
rm - Linux Command - Unix Command
... the contents of directories recursively; -v, --verbose: explain what is being done ; --help: display this help and exit; --version: output version information and exit.
mail - Linux Command - Unix Command
-v: Verbose mode. The details of delivery are displayed on the user's terminal. -i: Ignore tty interrupt signals. This is particularly useful when using mail on noisy ...
Mac OS X Startup Shortcuts - About.com
This shortcut will boot your Mac in Verbose Mode, with descriptive text sent to the display during the startup process. Hold Command + 's' during startup.
pvdisplay - Linux Command - Unix Command
-v, --verbose: Display the mapping of physical extents to logical volumes and logical extents. -vv, --verbose --verbose: Like -v with verbose runtime information  ...
mv - Linux Command - Unix Command
... or when the destination file is missing; -v, --verbose: explain what is being done; --help: display this help and exit; --version: output version information and exit.
xargs - Linux Command - Unix Command
--verbose, -t: Print the command line on the standard error output before executing it. --version: Print the version number of xargs and exit. --exit, -x: Exit if the size ...
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