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Articles related to verb usage

Syntax Verbs - An English Grammar - W. M. Baskervill
Read An English Grammar, by W. M. Baskervill and J. W. Sewell.
ESL Grammar Review of Auxiliary Verb Usage
Knowing correct auxiliary verb usage is key to tense usage. Every tense takes an auxiliary form of the verb. This guide to auxiliary verb provides an overview and ...
Uses of the Verb To Be for ESL Classes - English as 2nd Language
Guide to the various uses of the verb to be in English. This page was prepared with English as a Second Language students in mind and can also be used in ...
Usage of Spanish Verbs - Spanish Language - About.com
Merely knowing what a Spanish verb means doesn't always tell you much about how it is used. These lessons go into detail on the usage of various Spanish ...
Jugar — Spanish Verb Usage and Vocabulary - Spanish Language
How to use the verb 'jugar,' with sample sentences.
"To Have" - Uses of the Verb for ESL Learners
Guide to the various uses of the verb to have in English. This page was prepared with English as a Second Language students in mind and can also be used in ...
Partir and Related Spanish Verbs — Spanish Verb Usage
How to use the Spanish verb 'partir' and verbs derived from it, along with sample sentences and translations.
French Verbs - Lessons on French Verbs - French About.com
Everything there is to know about French verbs, including conjugations, tenses, moods, uses, quizzes, timeline, and more.
Verbs in English - English as 2nd Language - About.com
All tenses make use of auxiliary verbs and a complete knowledge of each will ... take this auxiliary verb quiz to test your understanding of auxiliary verb usage.
'Impersonal Verb' - Grammar Glossary for Spanish and English
In its narrowest sense, an impersonal verb can have no subject. In English, only one such verb — "methinks" — remains in use, and then only in literature or for ...
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