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URI - Computer Networking - Wireless/Networking - About.com
Definition: A URI is a standard global identifier for an Internet resource that may be local or remotely-accessible. URIs follow the same general syntax as URLs; ...
uri - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: uri. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
Accessing Special URI Locations - Linux - About.com
Nautilus has certain special URI locations that enable you to access particular functions from the file manager. For example, to access fonts, you can access the  ...
geturl script in action - JavaScript - About.com
Address of this page : "http://javascript.about.com/library/blurl1.htm". domain (uri. dom) : "javascript.about.com" path (uri.path) : "library" page (uri.page) : "blurl1"
GET - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: GET. Learn about ... -b <uri>: This URI will be used as the base URI for resolving all relative URIs given as argument. -t < timeout> ...
Yelp Help Browser - Advanced Features - Linux - About.com
Use this URI when you want to access a file with yelp, for example: ... particular section, append a question mark to the end of the URI, followed by the section id.
ldif - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: ldif. ... may be specified as UTF-8 text or as base64 encoded data, or a URI may be provided to the location of the attribute value.
obtain geturl function - JavaScript - About.com
To be able to access the parts of your web page address using the uri object, you need to copy the following script and attach it to the head section of your page.
printers.conf - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: printers.conf. Learn about its synopsis, description, ... Specifies the device URI for a printer. <Printer name> ... </Printer>: Defines ...
Using Your Navigation History - Nautilus File Manager
The file browser window maintains a history list of files, folders, FTP sites, and URI locations you have recently visited.....
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