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Articles related to urban myths

Urban Legends
THE starting place for exploring urban legends and folklore on the Web: Internet hoaxes, rumors, myths, fallacies, urban legends and urban myths debunked.
Urban Legend - Definition and Examples
Definition of urban legend - An apocryphal, secondhand story told as true and just plausible enough to be believed, about some horrific, embarrassing, ironic, ...
Hoax List: Current Netlore & Urban Legends
Hoax List from About.com: Current Internet hoaxes, email rumors and urban legends debunked - your resource for information on all the latest misinformation on ...
Top 25 Urban Legends (Trending Topics)
Trending urban legends, online rumors and hoaxes.
Urban Legends: Health / Medical
Rumors, hoaxes, urban legends and old wives' tales related to health and medicine.
Urban Legends - About.com
Feature articles, FAQs and basic information about urban legends.
Urban Legends: Horror Stories!
This is your directory of scary stories, even scarier rumors, the absolute scariest urban legends, with myths and hoaxes guaranteed to make you sore afraid.
Funny Urban Legend Stories, Summaries and Links
Our handpicked selection of the funniest urban legends online.
How to Spot an Urban Legend - How-to Videos - About.com
Sometimes telling the difference between a real story and an urban legend can be tricky. Here are a few sure fire tips on making the distinction.
Famous Urban Legends - About.com
Classics: Here you'll find the most famous urban legends of the past 50 years, including: 'Alligators in the Sewers,' 'The Hook,' 'The Microwaved Pet,' 'The ...
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