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Tweet Definition - Glossary of Twitter Terms - Trends - About.com
A tweet is a post or status update on Twitter, a microblogging service. Because Twitter only allows messages of 140 characters or less, "tweet" is as much a play  ...
What is a Tweet on Twitter - About.com
I have more verb translations of Tweeting and Tweets than I care to share, but ... And when they Google it, only to get the definition back that defines a Tweet as ...
What Is a Tweet? Here's a Definition - Contests and Sweepstakes
Want to know what a tweet is? Find a thorough definition and enough information to help you tweet with confidence.
What is a Subtweet? - Trends - About.com
"Subtweet" is short form "subliminal tweet." Put simply, it's a tweet about somebody that doesn't actually mention their @username or name in general.
15 Funniest Celebs Reading Mean Tweets - Web Humor - About.com
Comedian Jimmy Kimmel knows how hurtful, yet strangely funny, these hate- Tweets can be, which is why he created a segment on his show, Jimmy Kimmel ...
Writing Good Tweets Is More Art Than Science - Social Media
We rarely speak in 140-character sentences. Nor do we have much experience at writing pithy thoughts. Since tweets are by definition short messages, the art of  ...
Sending Tweets on Twitter - New Users' Cheat Sheet
While technophiles have taken quickly to Twitter, turning every waking moment into a momentous occasion to tweet about, the computer user with limited ...
Pros and Cons of Twitter's Scheduled Tweets - About.com
My primary concern is that they've rolled out the Tweet scheduling feature to businesses with ad accounts however it currently lacks any serious business ...
Marketo (@marketo) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Marketo (@marketo). Helping marketers master the art and science of digital marketing by driving technology innovation and expertise for ...
How to Schedule Tweets On Twitter Using TweetDeck - Trends
If the scheduled tweet worked properly, you should be able to come back to your computer and see that your tweet was successfully posted on your Twitter ...
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