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Czar Nicholas II - 20th Century History - About.com
In 1881, Nicholas' father, Alexander III, became czar (emperor) of Russia after his father, Alexander II, was killed by an assassin's bomb. Nicholas, at twelve ...
Prelude to the Russian Revolution of 1917 - 20th Century History
Until they were freed in 1861 by Czar Alexander II, the majority of Russians were serfs who worked on the land and could be bought or sold just like property.
Narodnaya Volya (The People's Will, Russia) - Terrorism - About.com
1881: Tsar Alexander II is assassinated by a Narodnaya Volya bomb in St. Petersburg, following several earlier attempts to kill him. 1880: A bomb is set off below ...
Russian Revolution Timeline - 20th Century History - About.com
The Russian Revolution of 1917 deposed the czar (in the February ... October 20 (November 1 NS) - Czar Alexander III dies after a sudden illness and his son, ...
Timeline of the Russian Revolutions: Pre-1905 - European History
1848-70: Alexander Herzen's ideas begin to blend Western Socialism with the ... 1866: Karakozov tries to kill Tsar Alexander II, prompting The White Terror.
Russian Tsars - Famous Emperors and Kings of Russia
Russian tsars such as Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great left important legacies. ... Godunov is immortalized in a play by Alexander Pushkin and an opera by ...
History of Terrorism: Anarchism and Anarchist Terrorism
1881: the assassination of Russian Tsar Alexander II, by the group Narodnaya Volya; 1894: the assassination of the French president Marie-Francois Sadi ...
1812 - Napoleon's Invasion of Russia - European History - About.com
But the alliance was falling apart all over the place: there was the desire of Tsar Alexander to recast himself as both the liberator of Europe and the man who ...
Tsarskoe Selo - Tsars' Village at Pushkin - Eastern Europe Travel
Tsarskoe Selo is one of the St. Petersburg area's best attractions and includes the Catherine Palace, the Alexander Palace, the Amber Room, and beautiful ...
Murder of Rasputin -- Part 2 - 20th Century History - About.com
Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich was Tsar Nicholas II's cousin (he was the son of Pavel Alexandrovich who was the son of Tsar Alexander II). Dmitry was once ...
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