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Ciswoman / Cissexual Woman - Definition - Civil Liberties - About.com
This distinguishes her from transwomen, shorthand for "transsexual women"-- women who were initially assigned a male gender, but have a female identity.
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Statement About Trans Policy Aug ...
Aug 22, 2006 ... “If a transwoman purchased a ticket, it represents nothing more than that womon choosing to disrespect the stated intention of this Festival.”.
Definition of Cisman or Cissexual Man - Civil Liberties - About.com
As my friend Ashley Fortenberry, a local transwoman, explains: "Gender cannot be defined by anyone other than the individual ... Gender is personal and is ...
Should a pre-op Transexual (wo)man be allowed in women's change ...
It's a tough spot to be in, but I think that this trans-woman should use the mens facilities in this case, I know it's something that is an issue for ...
Deities and Gender - Paganism & Wicca - About.com
A reader wants to know if he can connect to a deity of the opposite gender -- and is the goddess more powerful than the god?
Transgender Rights in the United States - Civil Liberties - About.com
Christine Jorgensen, a transwoman, is denied a marriage license in New York on the basis of her birth gender. Her fiancee, Howard Knox, was fired from his job ...
Male-to-Female - Definition of Male-to-Female - Plastic Surgery
May 11, 2011 ... ... surgery to become a female. Abbreviated as MTF. Also Known As: transsexual female, trans female, transsexual woman, trans woman ...
Woman on the Rise: Laverne Cox - Women's Issues - About.com
For one, Cox is a trans woman portraying a trans woman, in an industry where cisgender actors portray trans characters and very few bat an eye. (See the recent ...
What Does It Mean to Be Cisgender
Jun 15, 2014 ... The word cisgendered is used to distinguish people who are not transgendered from those who are.
Gay Fringe Fest NYC - Manhattan - About.com
Some of the highlights: Ah Kua Show, Singaporean Leona Lo's one-trans-woman show that tells the stories of three Southeast Asian transgender ladies.
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