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What Is a Transducer? - Stereos - About.com
A transducer is a device that changes one form of energy to another, such as a loudspeaker, which changes electrical energy into mechanical energy.
Crowson - TES100 Tactile Transducer and A200 Amplifier - Product ...
Now you can add tactile experience to your own home theater with the TES100 Tactile Transducer and A200 amplifier from Crowson Technology.
Breast Cancer Diagnosis - Ultrasound Transducer Definition
Aug 27, 2007 ... An ultrasound image may be needed if your mammogram reveals a mass that need closer inspection. A transducer is part of the ultrasound ...
Skullcandy Crusher - Stereos - About.com
One is a conventional driver, the other is a tactile transducer that induces a mild shake into the headphones, to provide a sense of enhanced bass around 55 Hz.
Subwoofers: What You Need To Know - Page 2 - Alternatives ...
More than just a subwoofer, the Buttkicker is a low frequency transducer that not only puts more feeling in your bass, but....Kicks Butt! Using a unique "suspended  ...
What is Terfenol-D? - Metals - About.com
May 29, 2014 ... Terfenol-D is technically a solid-state transducer, meaning that it can convert high energy levels from one form to another. Magnetostrictive ...
Review of the HawkEye F33P Depthfinder Fishfinder for Small Boats
Most larger sailboats and powerboats have built-in depthfinders with hull- mounted transducers and a hard-wired display connected to the boat's electrical  ...
Therapeutic Ultrasound in Physical Therapy
Jun 5, 2014 ... Ultrasound is performed with machine that has an ultrasound transducer (sound head). A small amount of gel is applied to the particular body ...
Breast Ultrasound Exam – What to Expect - Breast Cancer - About.com
Sep 8, 2011 ... Clear gel will be put on your skin near the area that will be imaged. The gel will help the transducer glide smoothly and make good contact with ...
African American Inventors at NASA - Joycelyn Harrison
This thermally stable, piezoelectric and pyroelectric polymeric substrate may be used to prepare electromechanical transducers, thermomechanical transducers,  ...
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