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Epiphany and the Magi - Medieval Christmas History
The names of the magi or three wisemen who visited the Christ child.
Three Kings - Learn About The Wise Men From The East
The Three Kings, or Magi, are mentioned only in the Gospel of Matthew. Few details are given about these men in the Bible, and most of our ideas about them  ...
Three Wise Men Shooter Recipe - Cocktails - About.com
Shooter recipe for a Three Wise Men, a shaken shot of Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky, Jim Beam bourbon and Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey. Variations ...
History and Meaning of Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico
I should point out that the Three Kings, or Los Reyes Magos, are not only venerated in Puerto Rico but throughout the Latin World. The Kings, or Wise Men,  ...
The Myth of the Nativity Wise Men - The Bible - About.com
Well, I hope you'll forgive me if this seems petty, but one of my pet peeves involves the "Wise Men" (or "3 Kings" or "Magi") who are almost always included in ...
Free Three Wise Men Christmas Stencil - Painting - About.com
Free Christmas Stencil: 3 Wise Men Together. From the Christmas Stencils Collection. Free Christmas Wise Men Stencil to Print and Cut Out - Marion Boddy- ...
The Magi - Wise Men - Christmas Story - Angels - Dream
The visit from the Magi (also known as wise men) to baby Jesus is a famous part of the ... The three different gifts that the Magi presented to Jesus and Mary were  ...
The Three Kings - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Classic Literature
The Three Kings Three Kings came riding from far away, Melchior and Gaspar and Baltasar; Three Wise Men out of the East were they, And they travelled by ...
The Shining Star of Bethlehem - A Christian Astrologer on the Star of ...
This week I watched as my daughter and her class re-enacted Jesus birth. I felt proud as I saw my daughter playing one of the three wise men. She was grinning  ...
Feng Shui Gods of Wealth - Fuk Luk Sau, Three Wise Men
From left to right: Fuk (blessings of good luck) Luk (financial security and authority ) and Luk (good health and longevity) are the Three Wise Men, or Three Star ...
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