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Is There a Tax Break on Student Loan Interest? - Money in Your 20s
You can take a deduction for your student loan interest. The deduction can be taken even if you do not itemize your taxes. Learn more.
Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit - Taxes - About.com
Individuals who pay for day care expenses for their children or disabled adult dependents may be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to 35% percent of the cost ...
Income Tax Credits - Taxes - About.com
Credits reduce your federal income tax after your tax has already been calculated . Accordingly, tax credits can be a powerful strategies for reducing your US ...
Federal Tax Incentives for Higher Education - Taxes - About.com
The federal government provides several tax incentives for college students and their parents. Here's an overview of the key tax breaks for pursuing ...
Overview of the Tuition and Fees Deduction - Taxes - About.com
My suggestion is to see which tax breaks you qualify for, and if you qualify for more than one tax break, use whichever tax break that provides the greatest benefit ...
Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Child Tax Credit
Parents, guardians and other taxpayers who are eligible to claim a child as a dependent on their tax return may also be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to  ...
Qualifications for Adoption Tax Credit - Taxes - About.com
Nov 4, 2013 ... Individuals who adopt a child may be eligible for a federal tax credit. The adoption credit is calculated on Form 8839 Qualified Adoption ...
Alternative Motor Vehicle Federal Tax Credit - Overview - Taxes
Tax Credit for Hybrid, Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Save up to $4,000 in Taxes with the Alternative Motor Vehicle Tax Credit. By William Perez.
How to Claim the Child Tax Credit - Financial Planning - About.com
Did you know that there is a hefty tax credit available to many households who have a dependent child? This may come as a surprise to many new parents, but  ...
Tax Deductions for Charitable Donations - Nonprofit - About.com
There are plenty of reasons to give to charity, not least of which is that you can often take a tax deduction. Here is how it works.
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