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Learning Spanish at the Movies - Spanish Language - About.com
Going to Spanish-language movies is one way to improve your ability to uderstand the language.
Introduction to Translation and Interpretation - French About.com
Interpretation is oral - it refers to listening to something spoken (a speech or phone conversation) and interpreting it orally into the target language. ( Incidentally ...
Classroom Phrasebook 1 for Teachers and Students of German
This phrasebook is intended as an aid for using the target language (die Zielsprache - Deutsch) in a classroom setting, and it's divided into two categories: one ...
Lesson Plan Format - English as 2nd Language - About.com
Free practice integrates the focus structure / vocabulary / functional language into ... Free practice exercises often encourage students to use the target language ...
French Only - How to keep your students speaking only French in ...
It's communication in the target language, right? arp225 ~ ~ ~ Very often the reason we go into English is that a student has initiated it by asking a perfectly valid ...
Interlanguage - Definition and Examples - Grammar and Composition
The type of language (or linguistic system) used by second- and foreign- language learners who are in the process of learning a target language.
The Defense Language Institute (page 2) - US Military - About.com
You go meet your teachers, and get assigned a name in your target language. I don't care what language you've got. It is going to be insanely fast-paced and ...
The life of Laura K. Lawless, French Language Guide at About.com
A good interpreter will divide his attention between the two languages, with the majority reserved for the target language. It's very important, because not only ...
Career Profile: Army Interpreter/Translator
Above all else, the candidate for this Military Occupational Specialty must obviously be fluent in a particular target language, and read, write, and speak English ...
Translator or Interpreter - Career Information - Career Planning
To convert information from one language (the source) to another (the target), these professionals must use their knowledge of the languages, cultures and ...
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