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What You Need to Know About Influenza B - Cold and Flu - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... Symptoms of influenza B are the same as the symptoms of other types of the flu. Most people will experience symptoms such as coughing, fever ...
What Is Influenza B? - Flu Information - Cold and Flu - About.com
May 15, 2012 ... Have you ever wondered what the difference is between influenza A and B? Do they cause different symptoms or is one more serious than the ...
Flu Incubation Period - Cold and Flu - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... What this means is that if you are exposed to the influenza virus and become infected, you will start to experience flu symptoms anywhere ...
Spanish Flu Pandemic That Killed Millions in 1918
Soldiers from Fort Riley, Kansas ill with Spanish influenza at a hospital ward at ... a company cook, came down with symptoms that at first appeared to be a bad ...
Flu and Asthma - Treatments for the Flu and Asthma - Allergies
Jan 5, 2014 ... Influenza is a respiratory virus that causes illness characterized by fever, runny ... Normally, symptoms from influenza infection resolve without ...
What Is Parainfluenza? - Cold and Flu - About.com
Jun 10, 2014 ... Have you or your child been diagnosed with parainfluenza? Find out more about parainfluenza including what it means for you, symptoms and ...
All About the Flu - Cold and Flu - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... Everything you need to know about typical flu seasons, symptoms, ... The flu virus may be classified as either influenza A, B or C. Only influenza ...
Why Was My Flu Test Negative When I Have the Symptoms?
Jun 6, 2014 ... I went to the doctor with flu symptoms and my flu test was negative. ... the type of influenza virus can all affect the outcome of the rapid flu test.
Can You Get the Flu in the Summer? - Cold and Flu - About.com
Jun 26, 2014 ... But it is not related to influenza (the actual flu) in any way. It is caused by a different virus and has different symptoms. If you find yourself ...
Ferrets and Influenza (They Can Catch Flu, Too) - Exotic Pets
If you have flu symptoms, it is a good time to remember that ferrets are susceptible to influenza too. Ferrets can catch influenza from people, and conversely can ...
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