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Who Was the Only President to Serve on Supreme Court?
The only president to ever serve on the Supreme Court was William Howard Taft. President Warren G. Harding appointed him to be Chief Justice in 1921.
Current U.S. Supreme Court Justices - US Government - About.com
Current Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. ... President Bush Swears In Samuel Alito At White House - Mark Wilson/Getty Images News. Mark Wilson/Getty ...
A Brief History of the US Supreme Court - US Government - About.com
The Act also created the position of U.S. Attorney General and assigned the power to nominate Supreme Court justices to the President of the United States with ...
First Woman Nominated to the Supreme Court - How the First ...
How the first woman was nominated to the Supreme Court had a great deal to do with a presidential campaign promise made by Republican candidate Ronald ...
Supreme Court Justice Nomination and Confirmation - US Politics
Selecting, nominating and confirming a Supreme Court Justice is a multi-step process. The President nominates and the Senate confirms Supreme Court ...
Who Selects the Supreme Court Justices? - American History
Answer: It is a two-step process to become a Supreme Court justice. The president nominates an individual to the Supreme Court when an opening occurs .
US Supreme Court - US Politics on About.com
Seven of today's nine Supreme Court justices were appointed by Republican Presidents. Ages range from 56 (Alito) to 86 (Stevens) ; three attended Stanford; ...
How a US Supreme Court Nominee is Chosen and ... - US Politics
It is common for an administration to keep a partial list of potential Supreme Court Justices ready for a vacancy. Oftentimes presidential aides will also make ...
Duties of the Chief Justice of the United States - US Government
Often incorrectly called the "Chief Justice of the Supreme Court," the Chief ... P. Chase presided over the Senate trial of President Andrew Johnson in 1868, and  ...
Who Were the Members on the First Supreme Court?
Answer: President George Washington appointed the first Supreme Court in September 1789. The court consisted of eight individuals. However, only five of ...
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