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HTTP Status Messages 2xx - Successful Status Messages
The HTTP status messages in the 200 range are all sucsseful status messages.
3xx HTTP Status Messages: Redirection - Explanations - Web Design
The HTTP status messages in the 300 range are all redirection status messages.
HTTP Status Messages 4xx - Client Error Status Messages
The HTTP status messages in the 400 range are all client error status messages.
HTTP Status Messages 1xx - Informational Status Messages
The HTTP status messages in the 100 range are all informational status messages.
HTTP Status Codes - 200 400 404 500 - Web Error Messages
The HTTP status codes are messages that the server returns when processing a request for a Web document. These messages include the standard 404 error ...
HTTP Status Messages 5xx - Server Error Status Messages
The HTTP status messages in the 500 range are all server error status messages .
HTTP Status Code Errors - PC Support - About.com
A list of HTTP status code errors (4xx client and 5xx server HTTP status codes) ... The 500 Internal Server Error message is the most common "server-side" error ...
eBuddy Status Message -- Adding Status Messages in eBuddy
To begin adding status messages in eBuddy Web Messenger, click within the status message area of the eBuddy Buddy List (the field which reads "Click here to ...
SMTP Server Response Codes Table - About Email
211 - A system status message. 214 - A help message for a human reader follows. 220 - SMTP Service ready. 221 - Service closing. 250 - Requested action  ...
500 Internal Server Error (What It Is and How To Fix It) - PC Support
500 Internal Server Error messages can show up in any browser in any operating ... The 500 Internal Server Error is a very general HTTP status code that means ...
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