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How many states have some land north of Canada's southernmost ...
Twenty-seven of the fifty U.S. states have land north of Canada's southernmost point - Middle Island, Ontario, which lies at 41.7 degrees north latitude. The states  ...
States Farthest North, South, East, and West - Geography - About.com
... the northernmost and westernmost is Alaska, and the southernmost is Hawaii. ... boundary between the U.S. and Canada and well north of any point in Maine, ...
Cape Point, South Africa - Tourism Guide - Africa Travel - About.com
South Africa's Cape Point isn't the southernmost tip of Africa or even the actual point at which the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet, but it is the point that most ...
Key West, Florida - Things to Do With a Day in Port
Southernmost Point in the Continental USA in Key West. Key West ... Located at the very tip of the Florida Keys, the city is tropical and the atmosphere eclectic.
Tropic of Capricorn - Overview and Geography
The Tropic of Capricorn is an imaginary line of latitude going around the Earth at approximately 23.5 south of the equator. It is the southernmost point on Earth ...
Visiting Gavdos and Gavdopoula, Greece - Greece Travel - About.com
Consider Gavdos, the southernmost island in Europe. ... Visitors enjoy the giant chair on the cliffs at Tripiti, marking the "Southernmost Point of Europe".
Ushuaia, Argentina - City at the End of the World - Cruises - About.com
Photo gallery of Ushuaia, Argentina, the city at the end of the world near Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost tip of South America.
Perfect Places to Propose in South Africa - Africa Travel - About.com
The tip of the peninsula south of Cape Town, this may not quite be the southernmost tip of Africa, but it is far more romantic (and easier to get to) than Cape ...
Cyprus Map - Geography - About.com
A wonderful map of Cyprus. . Geography. Page 47.
About the Earth's Geographic and Magnetic South Pole - Geography
Oct 18, 2010 ... The South Pole is the southernmost point on the Earth's surface. It is at 90˚S latitude and it is on the opposite side of the Earth from the North ...
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