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Quotes: Decision Making - Quotations - About.com
A Select Collection of Quotes on Decision Making. By Simran Khurana ... No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made ...
Rely on Data, Not Dreams, for Sourcing Decisions - eBay - About.com
Making good sourcing decisions is about numbers, not guts or instincts ... but the ability to make sound decisions about which readily available things to source ...
Patients' Rights in the American Healthcare System
Apr 15, 2014 ... In most cases, a patient may refuse treatment as long as he is considered to be capable of making sound decisions, or he made that choice ...
How to Designate a Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions
You must be "of sound mind" and over the age of 18 to complete paperwork for a ... There are some people, however, for whom medical decisions and settings ...
Breast Cancer Patient Makes Decision Against Chemotherapy ...
Feb 8, 2012 ... I enabled the client to make sound decisions based on scientific information, and which also relied on her personal values and goals.
Advance Directives - Planning Ahead with Advance Directives
Aug 25, 2008 ... This document allows people to plan their health care before they become incapacitated, or unable to make sound decisions for themselves.
Major Money Decisions When You Are Single - Money in Your 20s
Learn how to make these major decisions wisely. ... Often this person is just a sounding board that will listen to your concerns and repeat them back to you.
Use the 80-20 Rule to Work Smarter - Financial Careers - About.com
Similarly, the sorts of people who thrive and succeed in this industry are those who can make sound decisions fast, and with limited information. Whether it is ...
How to Make Smart Spending Decisions
It's got dual heat controls, a voice-activated sound system, and luxury seat ... you ran several things through your mind in deciding whether or not to spring for the ...
Use of Force in Law Enforcement and Corrections
How Force Decisions Are Made and Control Tactics Are Evaluated ... guidelines to aid officers in making sound decisions on when and how to use force.
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