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14 - Women and Economics - Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935)
charlotte perkins gilman, specialization of labor, women and economics, social intercourse, primitive ages, social customs, family relation, social necessity, ...
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy - Equality of Men and ...
To understand the higher forms of social intercourse at this period, we must keep before our minds the fact that women stood on a footing of perfect equality with ...
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy - Social Etiquette
The need of noble forms of social intercourse was felt to be stronger than all others. To convince ourselves of it, we are not obliged to take as our standard the  ...
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy - Equality of Classes
Social intercourse in its highest and most perfect form now ignored all distinctions of caste, and was based simply on the existence of an educated class as we ...
Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity - Sociology
Stigmatized people are those that do not have full social acceptance and are ... have been received easily in normal social intercourse possesses a trait that can  ...
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy - Domestic Life
But the chief cause of the change was the thoughtful study of all questions relating to social intercourse, to education, to domestic service and organization.
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy - Costumes and Fashions
... worth and charm in itself. The demeanor of individuals, and all the higher forms of social intercourse, became ends pursued a deliberate and artistic purpose.
Nichomachean Ethics, by Aristotle - Ancient/Classical History
In gatherings of men, in social life and the interchange of words and deeds, some .... The boor, again, is useless for such social intercourse; for he contributes ...
How to Deal with Sex Problems: Going limp before or during ...
Jul 27, 2006 ... ... sex with my wife lately I have had a problem keeping it up during intercourse, ... School Social Work...technical editor, "dating for dummies" ...
Mary Jemison - Captivity Narrative - Chapter 10 - A Narrative of the ...
... wholesome rules in society, and tending directly to destroy that friendly social intercourse and love, that ought to be the happy result of matrimony and chastity.
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