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Articles related to snowboard bindings

Snowboard Bindings - Before You Buy Snowboard Bindings
Snowboard bindings are the only connection you have between you and your snowboard, so before you buy it's important to know as much as possible about ...
Setting Up Snowboard Bindings to Ride in Terrain Park
To achieve maximum results, you have to have your bindings set up just right before hitting the park.
How to Determine Your Snowboard Stance - Snowboard Bindings
Dialing in your snowboard stance is one of the most important things you can do to set up. Stance width, angles, and being centered on the board all combine to ...
How to Ride a Snowboard Fakie (Switch) - Snowboarding - About.com
You don't have to be ambidextrous to ride your snowboard fakie. ... The first step to learning how to ride fakie is setting your bindings in a stance that will make it ...
How to Set Up Your Bindings for Carving - Snowboarding - About.com
For maximum carving performance and comfort your bindings need to be set up specifically for carving.
How to Set Up Your Stance for All-Mountain Snowboarding
Measure the distance between your feet and place the bindings on the board ... Tighten the disks in place with a Phillips head screwdriver or snowboard tool.
Highback - Snowboard Definitions - Snowboarding - About.com
The highback is an integral and important part of a snowboard binding.
How to Store a Snowboard and Equipment Off Season
When storing your snowboard during the off-season, a few simple steps will ... Remove the bindings with a Phillips head screwdriver, then either place your ...
Before You Buy a Snowboard - Style, Dimensions and Strength
Things to consider before buying a snowboard. ... that closely resemble ski boots, as well as longer, stiff-flexing directional boards and specialized bindings.
Before You Buy Snowboard Boots - Snowboarding - About.com
Tricked out boards and tech bindings get all the attention, but in reality your snowboard boots are the most important part of your setup. Boots that are too stiff,  ...
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