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12 Tips for PowerPoint Slide Show Presentations
A dozen tips about PowerPoint slide shows. Make the most out of your PowerPoint shows with these twelve tips.
PowerPoint 2010 Slide Layouts - Presentation Software - About.com
Your choice of slide layout will depend on the type of content you wish to display on each PowerPoint 2010 slide.
Tips About PowerPoint Slide Masters - Presentation Software
The slide master feature in PowerPoint allows you to make global changes to many or all of your slides without having to make these changes to individual ...
Add Pictures to PowerPoint 2010 Slide Master - Presentation Software
Add a company logo or other picture to the PowerPoint 2010 slide master to ensure that it appears on every slide in the presentation.
What Is a Slide in a Presentation? - Presentation Software - About.com
A slide is a single page of a presentation created with software such as PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress. A presentation is composed of several slides.
Convert PowerPoint 2010 Slides to Photos - Presentation Software
PowerPoint 2010 Slide to Photo Conversion. When you create a wonderful slide show, full of photos with captions or other annotations -- possibly you used the ...
What is a Slide Master in PowerPoint - Presentation Software
The slide master in PowerPoint is a template that contains preset layouts, colors and fonts for PowerPoint presentations.
PowerPoint - Definition of Master Slide - Presentation Software
The default design template when you first start a PowerPoint presentation, is a plain, white slide. This plain, white slide and the font choices used on it were ...
How to Use PowerPoint 2010 Slide Master Layouts
Use slide masters to make global changes in PowerPoint 2010.
Edit Slide Master Fonts in PowerPoint 2010 - Presentation Software
Change the font style and color in the slide master to make a global change to all slides. Page 3.
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