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Articles related to shooting hoops

Shooting hoops as an alternative forum of cardio? - Calorie Count
I want to take a break from running on my third day, so I am wondering if shooting hoops would be an effective form of alternative cardio?
playing basketball by myself- cardio? - Calorie Count - About.com
i was just curious- but they say incorporate exercise and basketball is exercise --. however i like to go shoot hoops and play by myself since i ...
Calories Burned Basketball - Shooting Baskets
Calories burned with Basketball. Shooting Baskets 306 calories per hour. Assuming a body weight of: 150 lbs. This is equivalent to eating any of the lines of the ...
NCAA vs. NBA Basketball - About.com
They hang the hoops at the same height... but that might be the only thing the ... in the act of shooting gets free throws, but other transgressions - "reaching in," for  ...
Inline Roller Basketball: Shooting Hoops On Inline Skates
See photos of inline roller basketball. Learn about shooting hoops on inline skates.
Hooray for Hoops - Basketball Cheers - Cheerleading - About.com
Shoot, shoot, take that ball to the hoop, hoop! Ads. &ensp. Be sure to check out our Cheer and Chant subject for more Basketball cheers/chants and remember to  ...
Top Ten Why Tennis is Tougher than Hoops - About.com
Top Ten Why Tennis is Tougher than Hoops ... If you miss a shot in tennis, you can't just jump up, grab the ball, and try again. 9. When's the last time an NCAA ...
How to Practice Basketball Using Your Imagination and An ...
I have seen younger players try to practice on ten feet hoops that were too high for ... Place your shooting hand under the ball, spread your fingers and make ...
When weight training how important is cardio? - Calorie Count
That's not a lot of time to shoot hoops, hit a tennis ball against a wall, etc. if you do these things continuously and sprint around while doing ...
Sports & Autism - Best Sports for Kids With Autism
Whether you're shooting baskets, tossing the ball back and forth, or learning to ... In the long run, it's experiences like shooting hoops with dad (even when the ...
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