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Civil Service Retirement System - Government Careers - About.com
The Civil Service Retirement System is one of two retirement systems for US government employees. It is basically a pension plan for federal workers.
Federal Employees Retirement System - Government Careers
FERS was created by the US Congress in 1986 and became effective at the beginning of 1987. It was meant to replace the Civil Service Retirement System that ...
Military Service Credit for Federal Civilian Retirement - US Military
This service may be potentially creditable for retirement purposes. ... For the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) purposes, crediting of post 1956 military ...
How Government Retirement Systems Work - Government Careers
One of the best known benefits of public service is the strong likelihood government workers will have a comfortable retirement. Government workers and their ...
What Are the Differences Between FERS and CSRS?
The US government maintains two retirement systems for their employees -- the Federal Employees Retirement System and the Civil Service Retirement ...
How Government Retirement Systems Determine Eligibility
Government retirement systems have retirement eligibility rules based on age and years of service.
Mistakes that Delay Retirement from Public Service
Retirement eligibility is almost always based on a combination of an employee's age and years of service in that retirement system. Age, of course, adds up at ...
How to Retire Young from Public Service - Government Careers
In government, having the option to retire young is fairly common. Retirement systems are generous when it comes to counting age and service time toward ...
Understanding Military Retirement Pay - US Military - About.com
The military retirement pay system used to be easy to understand. ... Enlisted Navy and Marine Corps members with less than 30 years service are transferred to ...
The Thrift Savings Plan for Federal Employees - Retirement Planning
1, 1984, generally are covered by the federal employee retirement system. ... The civil service pension plan covers civilian employees hired before 1984.
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