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Articles related to server interaction

What is CGI and How Do You Use It? - Web Design
Essentially, CGI is the connection (or interface) between a form on a Web page and the Web server. Web pages cannot interact directly with the reader. In fact ...
Exchanging Data over the Network using Delphi - About.com
In general, host specifies an alias for the IP address of the server system; port specifies the ID number that identifies the server .... tcp / sockets communication.
What Is the Ruby on Rails Web Framework? - About.com
The model handles all the database interaction, the controller handles all the web server interaction and the view generates the HTML code that is actually ...
Ajax - Paradigm For Responsive And Interactive Web Pages
In many cases it would be better if the communication between the browser and the server was not directly linked the interaction between the user and web ...
Building Web Applications with Ajax - Web Design - About.com
XHTML and CSS standards based presentation; Interaction with the page ... Web application, the interaction between the customer and the server goes like this:.
Ajax: Why Asynchronous Is Almost Always Better - JavaScript
These are synchronous (wnere the script stops and waits for the server to send ... they are not used to having to wait while interacting with a web page for any ...
World of Warcraft Server Choices (PvP, PvE, RP)
Making choices between World of Warcraft server types easier for the fresh out of the ... Character interaction are more on the mob level and a player can solo ...
Computer Operating Systems: Unix vs Windows - Linux - About.com
An operating system (OS) is a program that allows you to interact with the computer ... On the server front, Unix has been closing in on Microsoft's market share.
UNIQUE Constraints in Microsoft SQL Server - About Databases
If you prefer to interact with SQL Server using GUI tools, you may also create a UNIQUE constraint using SQL Server Management Studio. Here's how:.
Web Administration - Maintaining a Website & Server - Web Design
For many people the first and often only time they interact with their Web administrator is when they get an account on the system. Accounts are not simply  ...
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