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Articles related to seasonal migration

Why Do Insects Migrate? - About.com
... to another. Learn what migration is, and why and when insects relocate. ... seasonal migration - migration that occurs with the change of seasons. Monarch  ...
When Is the Hummingbird Migration? - Birding and Wild Birds
Most of the hummingbirds of North America do migrate seasonally between northern breeding grounds and southern wintering grounds. Unlike many birds ...
Whale Migration Patterns - Marine Life - About.com
Migration is the seasonal movement of animals from one place to another. Many species of whales migrate from feeding grounds to breeding grounds - some ...
Insect Winter Habits - Migration and Hibernation - Insects - About.com
Many other butterflies and moths also migrate seasonally, including the gulf fritillary, the painted lady, the black cutworm, and fall armyworm. Common green  ...
Animal Migration - Understanding Animal Migration
In general, migration is the annual movement of animals between their ... The key to migration is that it is predictable, seasonal, and repeated each year (Sibley ...
Fall Migration - When Is Fall Migration - Birding and Wild Birds
Backyard Species: Watching your familiar backyard birds carefully year after year can teach you about their seasonal migration habits. Use a calendar or birding ...
Threats to Migrating Birds - Hazards of Migration
Ignorance: Many people don't realize how perilous migration can be for birds, and instead chalk this seasonal behavior up as “just something birds do.” A more  ...
When Do Birds Begin Spring Migration? - Birding and Wild Birds
Tips for learning when your peak spring migration period is so you can take advantage of the best seasonal birding. Includes a discussion of factors that affect ...
The Great Annual Wildlife Migration - Africa Travel - About.com
The great annual migration of millions of zebra, wildebeest (gnu) and other antelope in East Africa tops almost every list of safari experiences. When you plan ...
Seasonal Birding Tips - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
20 Articles in: Seasonal Birding Tips. Brown-Eared Bulbul - Lip ... Make the most of spring migration with this fun spring bird scavenger hunt. How many of the 12 ...
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