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CGI Resource Index Programs and Scripts
Thousands of CGI scripts, written in C/C++, Perl, and more exist for your use! ... 1. AppleScript. AppleScript is an Apple and Macintosh based scripting language.
How to Write a Television Spec Script - Film/TV Careers - About.com
If you want to become a television writer you need to know how to write a spec script. Here's a guide to how to write one.
Write And Run Your First Script - About Perl - About.com
In a hurry to get started? This step-by-step will get you to install Perl and run your first script in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee!
Free Murder Mystery Games - Freebies - About.com
Over a dozen free murder mystery games that are perfect for a murder mystery party or dinner. Includes printable scripts, biographies, and clues.
Introduction to Linux - 7.2.5. Shell scripts
What are scripts? A shell script is, as we saw in the shell configuration examples, a text file containing shell commands. When such a file is used as the first ...
Write Phone Scripts That Work for Sales - About.com
A well-written phone script can help your cold calling efforts immensely. Cold calling is hard enough without being forced to ad-lib. By using a script you'll always ...
Types of Web Files - Scripts - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Scripts are files that activate dynamic actions on websites. There are many types of scripts. These are just a few that are fairly comon on websites. .cgi
What is CGI and How Do You Use It? - Web Design
When you are dealing with Web pages, you will often hear people talk about CGI or CGI scripts without ever explaining exactly what that is. Essentially, CGI is ...
Scripting - Ruby - About.com
Scripting. This article is part of the series Making Text Adventure Games in Ruby. The example code for this article can be downloaded here. Thus far, our ...
Definition of script in Web Design - Web Design/HTML - About.com
A script is a small bit of code that enables web browsers to do something rather than just displaying static results. Scripts are used in web design to create ...
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