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M82A1A .50 Caliber Special Application Scoped Rifle - US Military
Photo, description, and capabilities of the United States Marine Corps' M82A1A . 50 Caliber Special Application Scoped Rifle.
Should I Shoot a Scoped Rifle With Both Eyes Open? - Hunting
And my eyes are pretty much equally dominant, so because I haven't practiced scoping with both eyes open, it can take some time to tell my brain to concentrate  ...
The M14/M1A - Four Decades of Service - Page Two - Hunting
After my range session with this scoped M1A, my opinion of the rifle has changed considerably. Not only does an M1A purchaser get a large chunk of '60s-era ...
How to Choose Rifle and Shotgun Scopes - Hunting - About.com
Most big game hunters need to know how to choose a rifle scope these days, and there are also many scoped shotguns taken into the field for hunting deer, ...
Will a Shotgun's Recoil Break a Rifle Scope? - Hunting - About.com
Shotgun slugs, which are usually what will be used with scoped deer-hunting shotguns, are big and heavy. The recoil associated with them is anything but light .
Review: Pelican 1750 Long Double Rifle Hard Gun Case - Hunting
Review of Pelican 1750 double rifle hard gun case. This case is anything but cheap, but is it tough enough to justify the high price? My answer: Yes and no.
How to Boresight a Scope on a Bolt-Action Rifle or Pistol - Hunting
When mounting a scope on a gun, it's recommended you boresight it (align the crosshairs with the barrel) before attempting to sight it in. This saves both time ...
Shoulder Arthroscopy - Orthopedics - About.com
Dec 15, 2014 ... Find information about shoulder arthroscopy. Arthroscopic shoulder surgery can be done to treat a variety of shoulder problems. Many patients ...
Sewer Video Inspection - Homeowner Basics to Know
Dec 12, 2014 ... What to know the basics of a sewer video inspection before you spend money on it?
Why Will Rifles Hit Close to Aim at Longer Range?
Why will a rifle zeroed at 25 yards hit close to point of aim at longer range? It's all about gravity's pull...
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