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Scope Reticles Crosshairs - Types of Reticles and Their Uses
Scope reticles and crosshairs; overview and discussion of plain crosshair.
Scope - Definition for the Java Term - About.com
Scope refers to the lifetime and accessibility of a variable. How large the scope is depends on where a variable is declared. For example, if a variable is declared ...
How to Choose Rifle and Shotgun Scopes - Hunting - About.com
Tips, explanations, and experience on how to choose a rifle or shotgun scope. Variable or fixed power, how much to spend, adjustable objectives, and more.
Scope What Is Scope - Sailing - About.com
In nautical usage, scope refers to the ratio of the length of anchor rode to the vertical drop of the anchor (from the boat's bow to the water bottom). For example, a ...
Project Scope - Management - About.com
The project scope is the definition of what the project is supposed to accomplish and the budget of both time and money that has been created to achieve these ...
Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 1.75x-5x32mm Crossbow Scope Review ...
This scope features a DOA crosshair with different aiming points for shooting your crossbow out to long ranges. Does it live up to the hype? Read on to find out.
JavaScript By Example - Scope
Once we introduce functions into our JavaScript we can define different scopes in which specific variables will exist.
Warne Maxima Series Steel Scope Mounts Bases and Rings Review
Review of Warne Maxima Series scope mounts. This review covers the bases and rings that I used when I put a scope on a '93 Mauser rifle that I rebuilt.
How to Boresight a Scope on a Bolt-Action Rifle or Pistol - Hunting
When mounting a scope on a gun, it's recommended you boresight it (align the crosshairs with the barrel) before attempting to sight it in. This saves both time ...
Sightron S1 3x-9x 40mm Rifle Scope Review - Hunting - About.com
This scope surprised me. I needed a scope in a hurry and on a budget, so I decided to give Sightron a shot, save $100 vs. the scopes I had been buying, and  ...
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