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Articles related to sake

Japanese Sake - Japan Travel - About.com
Provides basic information about Japanese sake and sake drinking manners.
Sake - Definition and Cocktail Recipes - Cocktails - About.com
Learn about what sake is, some of the myths surrounding it, the styles of sake, how to choose a good sake and how to drink sake.
Sake - Wines - About.com
Sake Questions. When Sake comes up in conversation the questions that typically follow are, "What exactly is Sake?" Is it wine, beer or a distilled spirit? Should ...
Tips for Drinking Sake - Japanese Food - About.com
To warm the sake, soak the tokkuri filled with some sake in boiling water in a pan. Usually, sake is warmed to a little bit above body temperature (40-45 degrees ...
Japanese Sake - Japanese Food - About.com
According to the National Tax Agency Japan, tokutei meisho-shu are categorized into 8 types, depending on the ingredients, the method of sake brewing, and ...
Green Tea Sake Punch Recipe - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Cold Japanese sake and iced green tea are the base of this unusual green tea sake punch recipe.
Gin and Sake Martini Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails - About.com
Cocktail recipe for a Saketini, a popular martini drink made of gin and sake.
Sake Wine (16% alcohol), Japanese/Drinks - Calorie Count
Curious about how many calories are in Sake Wine (16% alcohol)? Get nutrition information and sign up for a free online diet program at CalorieCount.
Kyoto Sour Sake Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails - About.com
Cocktail recipe for a Kyoto Sour, a mixed drink of Gekkeikan Haiku Sake, grapefruit, lemon juice, agave nectar or Barenjager, and green Tabasco sauce.
Cherry Blossomtini Sake Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails - About.com
Cocktail recipe for a Cherry Blossom Tini, a mixed drink that is a sort of sake Cosmopolitan, complete with cranberry juice and orange liqueur.
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