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Pascal's Wager: Is It Safer to Bet on God or Not? - Agnosticism/Atheism
It is only when two choices are equal in probability that it makes sense to go with the allegedly “safe bet.” However, if the choice of a god is revealed to be a great ...
Isn't Atheism Too Much of a Risk? Isn't it Safer to Bet on God ...
It is only when two choices are equal in probability that it makes sense to go with the allegedly “safe bet.” However, if the choice of a god is revealed to be a great ...
Fantasy Football's Safe Players - NFL - About.com
These guys may not produce among the league's best, but they are a safe bet to at least produce on a moderate level. Most of these guys fall into the NO.
Dog Breeding and Whelping: When to breed?, safe bet, maltese
Mar 19, 2007 ... safe bet, maltese, ovulation: Hello Ioreba, The female should be introduced as soon as possible to the female. She won t be ready to breed but ...
Let's Not Play it Safe – Mediocrity and Vanilla are Enemies of ...
Vanilla is a flavor everyone, or 99% of ice cream eaters, like. It's rarely loved or talked about with passion, but it's a safe bet. Really safe. And safe advertising ...
Getting Started in Sports Betting - Sports Gambling - About.com
If you're a sports fan, it's a pretty safe assumption to say you know that betting, both legal and illegal, takes place on practically every professional game and ...
The Top 10 Places to Find Free Fonts - Freebies - About.com
A list of the best free font websites where you'll find thousands of high-quality ... free font to use commercially, you'll know that any font you find here is a safe bet.
Is the Browser Safe Color Palette Really Required?
Using browser safe colors is a safe bet (thus the name \"browser safe\"). And despite Jason's assertion above, it is possible to create nice looking pages using a ...
Best Small Business Ideas for Tough Times - Small Business Canada
Best Small Business Ideas for Businesses That Will Prosper in Tough Times ... Generally, hairdressing services are a safe bet in tough economic times.
The Greatest Risk Is Not Taking One – Why Playing It Safe Leads To ...
How many times have you played the safe bet? The problem is, every time you play safe, you take a bigger risk than going with the "dangerous" campaign.
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