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Forum Discussion: Ridicule of Religion is Justified
Apr 27, 2011 ... One of the subjects that's been getting more and more attention lately is whether it's legitimate to ridicule religion, religious beliefs, religious.
C.S. Lewis vs. Atheism: Why Does Lewis Ridicule Atheists?
C.S. Lewis is often described as an "apostle" to the skeptics - that he somehow has a special affinity for the arguments, sensibilities, and perspectives of religious  ...
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy - Ridicule and Wit
The corrective, not only of this modern desire for fame, but of all highly developed individuality, is found in ridicule, especially when expressed in the victorious ...
Dealing with ridicule - Calorie Count
I was at a memorial service yesterday, and a table was loaded entirely with meat dishes and a fish. At the very end was a little fresh fruit and ...
Family/friends support? Ridicule? Dismissal? - Calorie Count
I'm not sure if I'm alone in this, but I'm finding that my family and friends either smirk, make a snide remark, or change the subject altogether ...
Disagreement is Not Intolerance - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Even mocking, ridiculing, and making fun of beliefs isn't intolerance. Some beliefs , claims, ideas, and opinions really are quite silly and deserve mockery.
Laughter, by Joseph Addison - Classic British and American Essays ...
In these reflections on the nature of laughter and ridicule, British author Joseph Addison relies on the organizational strategy of comparison. Though in his ...
New York bill on religion - Agnosticism/Atheism
A bill has been recently introduced to the New York State Assembly which would criminalize any act which might ridicule any religion in a public place, from your ...
Examples of Subtle Racism - Definition of Subtle Racism
Subtle racism not only takes the form of ignoring people of color or treating them differently but of ridiculing them. But how can ridicule on the basis of race be ...
When Can Opinions Be Mocked? To Mock or Not to Mock...
A common point of contention between atheists and religious theists is whether it's legitimate, appropriate, or advisable to mock, ridicule, or satirize religious ...
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