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Returning Multiple Values - JavaScript - About.com
You can pass multiple values to a function but a function only returns a single value when it finishes running. What can we do then if we need the function to set  ...
Unobtrusive JavaScript - Passing Parameters and Returning Values
One thing that makes a JavaScript function flexible is the way that you can pass it different values in the parameters for each call and directly access the value ...
Return Multiple Values From a Delphi Function - About.com
A Delphi function is a routine returning a value. A single value? Yes, No. No, a Delphi function can return multiple values and there are different ways how to ...
Value of a Function - JavaScript - About.com
It is not necessary to define a variable in order to return it from a function, you can pass static values back instead or even the result of a calculation. Here's an ...
JavaScript Functions - Returning a Value - About.com
As well as being able to pass parameters to a function in JavaScript, we can also return a value from the function.
Why Return A Value - JavaScript - About.com
Many web pages describe how to return a value from a function in JavaScript. This page explains why you should want to do so for most of your functions.
Return Multiple Values with Excel VLOOKUP
Nov 24, 2012 ... The VLOOKUP and COLUMN function can be used to return multiple values from a single row or record of data in Excel. This tutorial includes a ...
Methods - Ruby - About.com
Methods return values. They can do this with explicit return statements, which will immediately end method execution and return, or by returning the result of the ...
Returning Reference Values from Functions - C / C++ / C - About.com
In C++, functions can return references to variables. This can be very useful but also a source of bugs. Learn why! Page 3.
JavaScript Function Example: Returning an Object
It isn't a limiting factor at all though once you realise that you c an return an object and so return as many values as you need all at once simply by making them ...
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