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Splitting Strings in Ruby - the String#split Method - About.com
This is the default record separator variable, also known as $;. It's a global, something you don't often see in Ruby, so if you change it it might effect other parts of ...
gawk - Linux Command - Unix Command
Only space and tab act as field separators when FS is set to a single space, newline does not. .... ORS: The output record separator, by default a newline.
Global Variables - Ruby - About.com
and $\ - These are the input and output record separators. When you read objects using gets and print them using puts, it uses these to know when a complete ...
perlrun - Linux Command - Unix Command
-0[digits]: specifies the input record separator ($/) as an octal number. If there are no digits, the null character is the separator. Other switches may precede or ...
perltrap - Linux Command - Unix Command
The print() statement does not add field and record separators unless you set $, and "$\". You can set $OFS and $ORS if you're using the English module.
Split and Join - Using Strings in Ruby - About.com
This works best if the String is a collection of records with a clearly defined record seperator, such as a list of names separated by commas. After alterations have ...
Obama Agenda for U.S. Manufacturing - Obama "Make It in America ...
... Act grants to expand its capacity to produce separators for lithium-ion batteries. ... That's the same thinking that condoned record foreign borrowing under ...
Combine Cells of Data in Google Spreadsheets
Jun 15, 2014 ... For example, as shown in the image above, if a data record has split data ... the function's name, brackets, comma separators, and arguments.
7 Flea Market Finds to Hang as Room Dividers
Skip the pricey, store-bought room dividers and make your own hanging room ... Drill small holes near the outside edge of each record at the 12, three, six, and ...
Combine Cells of Data in Excel - Spreadsheets - About.com
Jan 30, 2011 ... ... syntax refers to the layout of the function and includes the function's name, brackets, comma separators, and arguments. ... D1 - Staff Record
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