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Splitting Strings in Ruby - the String#split Method - About.com
This is the default record separator variable, also known as $;. It's a global, something you don't often see in Ruby, so if you change it it might effect other parts of ...
gawk - Linux Command - Unix Command
ORS: The output record separator, by default a newline. PROCINFO: The elements of this array provide access to information about the running AWK program.
Global Variables - Ruby - About.com
and $\ - These are the input and output record separators. When you read objects using gets and print them using puts, it uses these to know when a complete ...
perlrun - Linux Command - Unix Command
-0[digits]: specifies the input record separator ($/) as an octal number. If there are no digits, the null character is the separator. Other switches may precede or ...
perltrap - Linux Command - Unix Command
The print() statement does not add field and record separators unless you set $, and "$\". You can set $OFS and $ORS if you're using the English module.
Split and Join - Using Strings in Ruby - About.com
This works best if the String is a collection of records with a clearly defined record seperator, such as a list of names separated by commas. After alterations have ...
Cobol: cobol, comma delimited, cobol files - AllExperts
Nov 25, 2006 ... comma delimited, cobol files, record description: I am not familiar with the Siber ... Then output your character formated data with separators:
Fast-Swimming Beijing Olympic Games Secrets - About.com
A beautiful swimming pool with records every day, some by huge chunks of time. But the secrets they ... Early races had no ropes or dividers between swimmers.
How to Insert Footnotes in Word 2010 - Word Processing - About.com
When you insert footnotes, Microsoft Word also places a separator line between the text in the ... You can change how this separator appears or remove the separator. ... Record Macro Button on the View Tab - Photo Becky Johnson. How to ...
How to Make a Book of Shadows (BOS)
If you have access to a good almanac, it's not a bad idea to record a years' worth of ... You can use tabbed dividers, create an index at the back, or if you're really ...
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