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Quiz: Are You On the Rebound? - Teen Advice - About.com
One of the most common fallbacks people experience after a break up is "the rebound person" and if you find yourself head over heels for somebody new after a ...
What Is a Rebound Relationship? - Divorce Support - About.com
The definition of a rebound relationship, what purpose it serves after divorce, and what to do if you are moving too quickly.
Three Things That Only Feel Like Love - Rebounding - Teen Advice
Rebounding Everybody has heard of the rebound fling. This is a relationship that comes very quickly on the heels of another relationship ending. Rebounds are ...
Are Rebound Relationships Dangerous?
If you are in a relationship with someone on the rebound, you are in a relationship with someone who is needy and vulnerable.
Rebound - The Hockey Glossary - the NHL, the - About.com
A puck that remains in play after a goalie makes a save. Rebounds often result in excellent scoring chances, and creating rebounds is a key offensive tactic. Ads.
NCAA Record Book: Career Rebounding Leaders (1973 - present)
No need to worry about missing shots with these guys cleaning up after you... Kenneth Faried takes over the top spot on the post-1973 career rebounding list ...
NCAA Record Book: Single-Game Records - NBA - About.com
Rebounds (post 1973): Larry Abney - 35. February 17, 2000. Fresno State vs. SMU For reasons that aren't completely clear, the NCAA draws a line at the year  ...
Canine and Feline Diabetes and the Somogyi Effect
However, the dog or cat may not be able to control how high the blood glucose goes and it may rebound to an abnormally high level. This is known as the ...
What Is a Rebound Effect? - Addictions - About.com
May 27, 2014 ... Glossary definition of rebound effect, as used in the context of addictions. includes an example and what it has to do with homeostasis.
What is Wheel Rebound for Inline Skating Wheels?
Learn about wheel rebound for inline skate wheels. Discover the effect that rebound has on inline skating.
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