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How to Read a Difficult Book - Reading Tips - Classic Literature
Even if you have lots of experience in reading books, you will likely come across books that are just difficult to get through. You may find the reading slow ...
Speed Reading Books - Classic Literature - About.com
Speed reading isn't just about reading books fast; it's also about understanding what you read. Speed reading can help you get through the reading ...
On Reading Books - Where to Start? - Classic Literature - About.com
Do you love reading, but can't quite understand why? These books talk about reading the great classics ... but they also talk about the the experience of reading.
Island Reading Books - Classic Literature - About.com
Discover Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island, and other novels set on islands far and wide. Enjoy the island breezes. Soak up the sun, and read more about the ...
Reading Books - Classic Literature - About.com
What factors do you consider when you are selecting a book? Where do you turn when you want to talk with other readers about books? Why not start a book ...
How to Determine a Reading Schedule
You may find yourself overwhelmed by the size of the book you've chosen. ... Here's a solution: Set up a reading schedule to get you through those books!
How to Find Pleasure in Reading - Classic Literature - About.com
Sometimes when we are required to read so many books that other people want us to read, we forget that we can still read for ourselves. Reading becomes an ...
10th (or 11th) Grade Reading List - American Literature
I recommend the following titles to maintain fluency and reading level and to encourage ... The books on this list are important introductions to American ...
Bibliophobia - Fear of Books - Phobias - About.com
Bibliophobia is a relatively uncommon phobia that involves the fear of books. You may be afraid of all books or only those of a certain style or genre. Read on for ...
Improve Your Child's Reading with Audio Books - Learning Disabilities
Students with learning disabilities in basic reading and reading comprehension are often severely disadvantaged in early school years while learning to read.
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