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Not Rape Victim, But Rape Survivor Part II - Recovering from Rape
Although rape victim Renee DeVesty healed physically from her rape, it took years to overcome the emotional trauma and move from victim to rape survivor on  ...
Rape - Surviving After Rape - Women's Health - About.com
Nov 30, 2009 ... Wondering what you can do to help a survivor of rape? This article explores what the victim has been through and going through. Includes ...
Not Rape Victim But Rape Survivor, Part I - A Rape Survivor's Story ...
Rape survivor Renee DeVesty shares her story after nearly 30 years of silence and explains why women who recover are rape survivors, not rape victims.
Rape - What to Do If You've Been Raped
A woman who's been raped may feel like she is to blame, even though rape is never the victim's fault. She may be in shock and feel like going home, crying, ...
Justice Difficult for Drinking Rape Victims - Crime and Punishment
Juries are less likely to return guilty verdicts against men accused of rape if the victim was drunk at the time, even if the intoxication was involuntary, according to  ...
Determining Credibility of Rape Victim's Story - Getting It Right ...
Jul 25, 2011 ... Sometimes a rape victim's account of what happened may seem to change over time. Is it proof that she's lying or that the rape never happened ...
What Does Islam Say About Rape? - About.com Islam
In Islam, capital punishment is reserved for the most extreme crimes which harm individual victims or destablize society. Rape falls into both of these categories.
Resources for Victims of Date Rape - Dating - About.com
What to do if you are the victim of date rape, or any kind of dating violence.
FAQs About Rape for Christian Teens Continued- Frequently Asked ...
Due to the forcefulness of a rape, 20 percent of college rape victims report other injuries like bruising, black eyes, cuts, swelling, and chipped teeth. 75 percent of  ...
I Was Raped - Readers Tell of Surviving Rape - Women's Issues
It's estimated that many, many more women are raped or sexually assaulted than statistics ... Not Rape Victim, But Rape Survivor Part I - A Rape Survivor's Story ...
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