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Eleanor of Aquitaine - Queen of France and Queen of England
As Countess of Poitou, Queen of France and later Queen of England, she influenced politics, sponsored the Courtly Love movement, and even went on Crusade ...
Isabella: Queen Consort of Edward II of England - Women's History
About Isabella of France, daughter of Jeanne of Navarre, queen consort of Edward II of England, mother of Edward III and conspirator with Roger Mortimer, her ...
Eleanor of Aquitaine Biography: Queen of England, France
Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen of France and England through her two marriages and ruler of her own territories by right of birth, was one of the most powerful ...
Plantagenet Queens: Wives of Kings of Medieval England
Titles: was Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right; was Queen consort of France's King Louis VII before they divorced and she married the future Henry II Queen ...
Eleanor of Austria (1498 - 1558): Queen of Portugal, Queen of France
Titles included: Infanta of Castile, Archduchess of Austria, Queen consort of Portugal, Queen consort of France (1530 - 1547) Dates: November 15, 1498 ...
Mary, Queen of Scots - Profile & Biography - Women's History
Mary, Queen of Scots: learn about the heritage and life of the woman who was also a Queen of France and a claimant to the English throne.
Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France - Women's History - About.com
Elisabeth of Austria, daughter of Maria of Spain and the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, was married to King Charles IX of France. She had a daughter with  ...
Marie Antoinette Image Gallery - Pictures of Marie Antoinette Queen ...
Image Gallery - Marie Antoinette pictures: paintings and other images of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France.
Blanche of Castile - Women's History - About.com
Queen of France, 1223-1226; Queen Mother 1226-1252; regent of France 1226- 1234 and 1248-1252; queen consort of King Louis VIII of France; mother of King  ...
Anne of Brittany - Women's History - About.com
Known for: richest woman in Europe in her time; Queen of France twice, married to two kings in succession. Occupation: sovereign duchess of Burgundy
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