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Modern Psychology Timeline of Events - About.com
While the roots of psychology can be traced back to early Greek thought, psychology did not become a separate field until the 1870's. This psychology timeline ...
Personality Psychology Dates and Discoveries Timeline
Explore this timeline of personality psychology to learn more about some of the important dates and discoveries that have had an impact on our understanding of  ...
Sigmund Freud Timeline - Psychology - About.com
Learn more about the life of Sigmund Freud in this timeline of his life and career.
Important Dates in the History of Psychoanalysis - Psychology
Psychoanalysis was an influential school of psychology inspired by the work of Sigmund Freud. Learn more ... Psychoanalysis Timeline - Image: Kendra Cherry.
Kurt Lewin Biography and Timeline (1890-1947) - Psychology
Experiential learning; Field Theory; Group dynamics; Considered the founder of modern social psychology. Timeline of Events: Born on September 9, 1890 ...
The History of Psychology - About.com
Read their stories and learn how psychology came to be what it is today. ... This psychology timeline traces important events in the history of psychology. Share.
Psychology History - About.com
While psychology is a relatively young discipline, its roots date back to the time of ... The Origins of Psychology · 10 Most Influential Psychologists · Timeline of ...
Personality Psychology Quiz - About.com
Personality psychology seeks to understand and describe the development of personality. This study guide offers an overview, timeline, theories, important ...
William James Biography - Psychology - About.com
Timeline of Events: Born January 11, 1842 in New York City. 1869 - Received M.D. from Harvard. 1875 - Began teaching psychology at Harvard. 1882 - Death of ...
Behaviorism - History of Psychology - About.com
Learn more about behaviorism in this brief history of psychology. ... Timeline of Modern Psychology · Schools of Thought in Psychology · Classic Psychology ...
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