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Network Proxy Preferences - Linux - About.com
Set which hosts should not use the proxy in the Ignore Host List in the Advanced Configuration tabbed section. When you access these hosts, you will connect to ...
Proxy Servers and You - Networking - About.com
networking protocols, credit card transactions, proxy serv, servers work, standard ... may serve HTTP and S-HTTP requests, and another hypothetical host
Using an HTTP Proxy - Ruby - About.com
To configure a proxy, use the Mechanize#set_proxy method. It takes four parameters, the proxy host, port and an optional user and password. In this example, a ...
Linux Network Administrators Guide - Checking the ARP Tables
The first invocation displays the ARP entry for the IP address or host specified, ... Another useful application of proxy ARP is when one of your hosts acts as a ...
Proxy Servers and You - Networking - About.com
As shown the Figure, the "Use a proxy server" check box must be checked to enable the manual entering of a proxy. Either the network host name or the IP ...
lftp - Linux Command - Unix Command
If host is specified then lftp will connect to that host otherwise a connection has ... It can be used automatically instead of ftp if ftp:proxy is set to `http://proxy[:port]'.
ssh_config - Linux Command - Unix Command
The matched host name is the one given on the command line. Since the first .... Note that CheckHostIP is not available for connects with a proxy command.
What is YouTube's IP Address? - Networking - About.com
If you cannot reach YouTube using http://www.youtube.com/, your Web host may be ... Finding the Owner of an IP Address · Anonymous Web Proxy Servers.
Parallels Desktop for Mac Networking Options - About.com
Host-only Networking. This option lets the Windows virtual machine access your Mac and nothing else. This is the minimum level of networking necessary for ...
Programmatically Retrieve Your IP Address Behind a Router / Proxy ...
Programmatically Retrieve Your IP Address Behind a Router / Proxy / Gateway ... Create('') ; try sHead := 'GET ' + sPage + ' HTTP/1.0 ' + CrLf + 'Host: ' + sHost + ...
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