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Anonymous Web Proxy Servers - Networking - About.com
These sites support Web-based, free anonymous proxy servers. An anonymous Web proxy is an alternative to configuring HTTP or SOCKS proxies in the Web ...
Introduction to Proxy Servers in Computer Networking
A proxy server acts an intermediate gateway between you and your Internet connection. These servers can improve both your network performance and also  ...
proxy - What is proxy - Linux - About.com
Definition: proxy: In communications, a proxy is something that acts as a server, but when given requests from clients, acts itself as a client to the real servers.
There's No Such Thing as a “Bond Proxy” - Bonds - About.com
The environment of ultra-low yields on the safest fixed-income investments has led to the birth of a new term in the financial lexicon: “bond proxies.” With little to ...
Ways You Can Hide Your Public IP Address - Networking - About.com
An anonymous proxy server ("proxy") is a special type of server that acts as an intermediary between a home network and the rest of the Internet. An anonymous  ...
Proxy Servers and Proxy Lists - Networking - About.com
On the Internet, proxy servers provide a way to visit sites anonymously. Proxy servers also provide network firewall, connection sharing, and caching technology ...
Free Proxy Server List (Anonymous Proxy Sites) - Networking
Internet proxy servers allow you to (mostly) hide your home IP address and stay anonymous online. However, these free public servers often are taken offline ...
MySpace Proxies - What Is a MySpace Proxy?
Some schools and other organizations block Internet access to MySpace and other social networking sites. Proxy servers allow you to access MySpace and the ...
Global Warming in a Nutshell Part 3 of 4 - Proxy Measurements of ...
Proxy measurements of climate data: documents, tree rings, ice cores and more. Page 3.
Health Care Proxies for People with Alzheimer's Disease - Things to ...
This article describes many of the important legal considerations in Alzheimer's disease: appointing a health care proxy or durable power of attorney for health ...
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