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Articles related to programming languages

What is a Programming Language? - C / C++ / C - About.com
This explains what a programming language is, what it's used for, which programming languages there are and.
Programming Languages - Strengths and Weaknesses - C / C++ / C
Comparing C,C++ and C# against other popular programming languages giving relative strengths and weaknesses.
A Beginner's Guide to Ruby Programming Language - About.com
What type of language is the Ruby programming language?
Ada - the Programming Language - C / C++ / C - About.com
Definition: Ada is a programming language invented in the early 1980s as part of a US Government sponsored competition for a new standard language.
C++ for Beginners - Learn About C++ - C / C++ / C - About.com
C++ for Beginners- Learn about C++, what it's for, how it compares with other computer programming languages and how to get started programming.
Choosing the right programming language for the job. - PHP / MySQL
Sometimes we learn a programming language by necessity. For example, the person who had your job before you wrote a large chunk of it in PHP, and you now ...
All about the C Programming Language - C / C++ / C - About.com
This is a detailed look at the Programming Language C.
Python Programming - What is Python? - About.com
This series of pages discusses what Python is, why one would want to use it, and how it differs from other programming languages.
C++ Programming Language - C / C++ / C - About.com
Definition: C++ is a programming language invented by Bjarne Stroustrup in the early 1980s as a way to add Object Oriented Programming to C. It is the main ...
All about the C# Programming Language - C / C++ / C - About.com
This is a detailed look at the programming language C#.
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