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Articles related to professional appearance

Communication and Appearance in Networking - Human Resources
Want to know the first steps in creating a professional image at work? Your appearance and how you communicate are the first factors people evaluate.
Looking Like You Mean Business - Sales - About.com
If your appearance is attractive but not businesslike, you can end up making entirely ... Your car should also reflect a professional appearance, as prospects may ...
Working at Home Tip: Maintain a Professional Appearance
Working at Home Tip: Maintain a Professional Appearance. Getting Dressed when Working at Home has its Advantages. By Randy Duermyer. Share this.
Sample Letter to Introduce a Dress Code - Human Resources
Employees and team members have complained about the professional appearance of team members and managers to managers and to HR. They have  ...
A Formal, Professional Dress Code - Human Resources - About.com
Because our industry requires the appearance of trusted business professionals and we serve clients at our site on a daily basis, a more formal dress code is ...
Personal Grooming Tips for Business Women - Women in Business
To complete your professional look you must also consider accessories and personal ... A woman's professional appearance needs to support her professional ...
Appearance Fees in Golf
"Appearance fees" refers to money paid to a pro golfer just to show up and play a tournament. So the golfer is guaranteed the amount of his or her appearance ...
Security Guard Appearance - Home Security - About.com
If you use security guards to protect your business or your property, make sure they have the look and the professional appearance to give thieves or criminals ...
It's Not About the Resume: Creative, Successful Job Search Tips
Don't underestimate appearance. A professional appearance is comparable to values, and regardless of your personal opinion, somewhere in the hiring ...
Interview Body Language - How-to Videos - About.com
Learn to speak through your appearance and body language and create a positive ... Dressing appropriately in a clean and professional interview outfit can  ...
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