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Protecting your Privacy in Usenet Support Groups - Mental Health
Protecting your privacy in Usenet newsgroups - Here's an easy way to post with some privacy.
Protecting your Privacy in Usenet Support Groups - Part 2
In an earlier article I discussed the uses of Usenet Newsgroups as online support groups. In part one of this article I wrote about some simple ways to post to ...
How to Customize Facebook Privacy Settings - Home Business
One little known way you can further refine your Facebook Privacy settings is to create one or more Facebook Friends Lists and then share certain information ...
Google+ Security and Privacy Settings - Internet / Network Security
Here are some tips on how you can use Google+'s security and privacy options to ... opt-out, group, and friend-based security and privacy measures that are still ...
Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Groups
Privacy of Pages and Groups. The main difference between the page and the group is that a page is always public. If you comment or like a page, all of your ...
Send Group Emails Using Mail's BCC Option - Mac - About.com
When you send email messages to a group in Apple Mail, use the BCC (blind carbon copy) option to protect everyone's privacy.
How to Hide Your Likes on Facebook - Internet / Network Security
Restaurants, shops, sports teams, charities, support groups, you name it, and ... Click the level of privacy you wish to set for the like visibility of the category.
Outlook Express Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Groups and Mailing Lists
Set up a mailing list and send announcements to a group of people with Outlook Express. It's easy to ... Please refer to our privacy policy for contact information.
How to Secure Your Facebook Timeline - Internet / Network Security
So what are the security and privacy implications of the Facebook Timeline? ... Privacy", choose either "Friends" or "Custom" to select individuals or groups lists.
Facebook Groups Guide - Social Media - About.com
You'll be asked to provide a name for your group, add any members you'd like to invite and select one of three privacy settings before you click “create” to finish.
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