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Articles related to president bill clinton

Bill Clinton Biography - The 42nd U.S. President - American History
Learn more about the 42nd president of the United States, Bill Clinton. This biography describes his early childhood through his career before the presidency to ...
Bill Clinton - Fast Facts - Forty-Second US President
Biographical fast facts about Bill Clinton, the forty-second president of the United States.
Could Bill Clinton Serve in Hillary's Administration? - US Politics
Mrs. Clinton is widely considered the Democratic Party's leading contender for president in 2016, so much so that many believe other potential candidates will ...
Bill Clinton Jokes - Clinton Humor and Clinton Jokes - Political Humor
Bill Clinton jokes, political cartoons, parodies, and other classic Clinton humor. ... Stuff Bubba Ever Uttered · Read funny quotes by President Bill Clinton. Share ...
Former President Bill Clinton's 1967 Ford Mustang - Ford Mustangs
Of all the Presidents, the one most commonly associated with the Ford Mustang is President William Jefferson Clinton of Arkansas. Back in 1967 Ford unveiled ...
Gun Rights Under President Bill Clinton - Civil Liberties - About.com
Gun rights came under fire during the administration of President Bill Clinton. The Clinton administration brought about the Assault Weapons Ban and the Brady ...
Funny and Memorable Bill Clinton Quotations - Political Humor
"Last year, the vice president launched a new effort to help make communities more liberal." —Bill Clinton, during his 2000 State of the Union Speech. He meant ...
Bill Clinton Jokes - Bill Clinton Cartoons and Humor
A roundup of jokes, cartoons, and other humor poking fun at former President Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton - Forty-Second President of the United States
Here is an image of Bill Clinton along with information about his life and presidency.
Bill Clinton Jokes - Clinton's Post-Presidential Escapades
Late-night jokes and funny politica quips about Bill Clinton's post-presidential escapades.
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