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Articles related to preprocessor symbols

Preprocessor - Definition - C/C++/C - About.com
Definition of Preprocessor. ... The preprocessor is the part of the compiler in C and C++ that reads the source code files and expands text wherever it finds a # in  ...
stderr - Linux Command - Unix Command
These terms are abbreviated to form the symbols used to refer to these files, namely stdin ... The preprocessor symbols STDIN_FILENO, STDOUT_FILENO, and ...
Constants in Ruby - About.com
In C, for example, constants are usually implemented with preprocessor symbols and don't even exist as a variable while the program is running. In C++, the ...
What is PHP - PHP Defined - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Definition: PHP is a recursive abbreviation that stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.” It is called a recursive abbreviation because the first word is the same ...
Constant Variables - Ruby - About.com
In some languages like C, constants are implemented as preprocessor symbols, meaning they don't even survive the parsing stage. After parsing, they're just ...
Delphi Compiler Version Directives: {$IFDEF VER180} - About.com
The DefName presents the so-called conditional symbol. Delphi defines several standard conditional symbols. In the "code" above, if the DefName is defined the  ...
perlcygwin - Linux Command - Unix Command
If you want to use larger 64 bit integers, define this symbol. ... Guessing which symbols your C compiler and preprocessor define... try.c:<line#>: missing binary  ...
Difference Between a Blender and Food Processor
Definition of Feng Shui · View More · About.com · About Home · Housewares/ Appliances · Small Appliances & Kitchen Electrics · Blenders, Processors, ...
perlrun - Linux Command - Unix Command
The C preprocessor is invoked with -P; by default it searches /usr/include and /usr /lib/perl. ... This avoids the need to use quotes when importing symbols.
C++: lynux, gnu c compiler, man gcc - AllExperts
Oct 17, 2004 ... The UN*X and Linux program cpp is the C Pre-Processor program ... which contains a mix of housekeeping, symbols and target machine code ...
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