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From Natural to Ethical Philosophy - Pre-Socratics
The important Pre-Socratic philosopher Thales of Miletus (fl. 1st quarter of the 6th century) is credited with coming up with this one. Within water there might be ...
Greek Mythology to Rational Pre-Socratic Philosophy
... of the universe? Here you'll find an introduction to Pre-Socratic philosophy and its connection to the supernatural explanations found in Greek mythology.
Thales - Presocratic Philosopher
Thales was a Greek Pre-Socratic philosopher from the Ionian city of Miletus in Asia (c. 620 - c. 546 B.C.). He predicted a solar eclipse, according to Herodotus ...
Pre-Socratic Philosophy - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Explanations for "how the world came to be" were based on the supernatural until the Pre-Socratic philosophers found natural explanations for phenomena.
Presocratic Philosophers - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Presocratic philosophers and their contributions to rational thought. ... Here you'll find an introduction to Pre-Socratic philosophy, which emerged as an ...
Anaximander - Pre-Socratic Philosopher Anaximander
Together they formed what we call the Milesian School of Pre-Socratic philosophy. He is credited with inventing the gnomon on the sundial and with drawing a ...
Anaxagoras - Pre-Socratic Philosopher - Ancient/Classical History
The pre-Socratic philosopher Anaxagoras, who was born in Clazomenae, Asia Minor, c. 500 B.C., spent most of his life in Athens where he associated with ...
Atomism - Pre-Socratic Philosophy - Ancient/Classical History
Atomism was a Pre-Socratic philosophy that explained that all of nature is composed of indivisible units, called atoms, and the void.
Anaximenes - Pre-Socratic Philosopher Anaximenes
Anaximenes (d. c. 528 B.C.) was a Pre-Socratic philosopher, who together with Anaximander and Thales, was a member of what we call the Milesian School ...
Parmenides - A Pre-socratic Philosopher - Ancient/Classical History
The Pre-Socratic philosopher Parmenides of Elea, in Southern Italy, was born around 540 or 515 B.C. Diogenes Laertius claims he flourished in 69th Olympiad  ...
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