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The History of Mail and Postal Innovations - Inventors - About.com
In 1653, Frenchman, De Valayer established a postal system in Paris. He set up mail boxes and delivered any letters placed in them if they used envelopes that ...
Having the Post Office Temporarily Forward Your Mail - Apartments
The U.S. Postal Service offers two options for having your mail forwarded to a different address on a temporary basis while you're away from your apartment.
Request USPS Mail Holding Service Online - US Government
About the US Postal Service's online mail holding request.
Timeline - Significant Dates in Post Office History
History of the United States Post Office service: railway mail service international parcel post international money orders first postmaster general mail fraud.
Can You Deliver Mail During a Postal Service Shutdown?
The U.S. government won't let you deliver the mail yourself even if there's a USPS shutdown. The history and regulations of the use of personal mailboxes.
Have Your Post Office Hold Your Mail - Apartments - About.com
Did you know that you can have your local post office hold your mail if you need to go away? Whether a business trip, family vacation, or even an emergency ...
Saturday Mail Delivery (USPS): Should It End? - US Government
Find out why the U.S. Postal Service wants to stop delivering Saturday mail. See why government watchdogs say ending Saturday mail is not a good idea.
History of the Post Office - Postal Mechanization and Automation
At the turn of the century the Post Office Department relied entirely on ... Gehring Mail Distributing Machine test in Washington, DC, Post Office 1922 - USPO.
Life Without the U.S. Mail – Could You Survive ... - US Government
Could you get along with out the U.S. Postal Service?
The History of the United States Postal Service - Inventors - About.com
History of The United States Postal Office. Return To The History of Mail. History of the United States Post Office Table of Contents • SIGNIFICANT DATES IN ...
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